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10 Travel Tips to Consider Before Traveling Overseas

Is this a time for you to jet off to faraway lands? Well, whether you just need a refresher from your sedentary lifestyle or you are an addict to be heading to that exotic locale at different destinations in the [...]

Those Never-Ending Steps for Reaching the Top of Pulpit Rock, Norway

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” Yes, it becomes absolutely factual when it comes to feed your wanderlust by traveling different fascinating destinations of the world. Well, being a travel blogger, I’ve racked up a decent [...]

Lost in an Art Village …Sharjah Biennial Leaving the Echo Chamber

I have always thought that going to art museum is not my thing, until I had the chance to visit Sharjah biennial and my entire perspectives for art and museum changed.
Modern art illustration inside Old traditional houses, how crazy and wonderful is this.

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Traveler , Adventurer and Explorer ,born to a Jordanian Palestinian father, Lebanese mother in Kuwait, married to Swedish and raised by the world. I have visited more than 30 countries including, Norway,Sweden,Jordan, Oman, Lebanon,Turkey,Italy and Vietnam. For me,travel is the most fascinating way to fulfil your adrenaline egos and know your self more....
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I have visited more than 30 countries including: Norway, Sweden, Jordan, Oman, Lebanon, Turkey, Cambodia, Italy and Vietnam. And now I'm set to explore....Ummm...Wait!!! You will get to know soon! Just Follow me on Instagram @nanotraveldiary


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