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Safe travel tips for every female who thinks about traveling !!

  Girls travel is still not common in our Arab society, which makes many girls look for tips to travel safely to overcome all possible difficulties during the travel trip, especially if this is her first trip.   If this […]

Tourist schedule for an interesting trip in Jordan

Tourist schedule for an interesting trip in Jordan When your appetite for travel is your primary motivation to explore new worlds around you it means that you need a lot of adventures during your day  How about an Arab adventure […]

How to travel alone without being alone

Many prefer traveling alone due to either being on a budget or having difficulty in finding the right time to suit a number of people or even finding the right companion. Evading long discussions about activities that fit the whole […]

Best 5 Cities to Visit in February

Traveling in the month of February may not be a popular choice to make, given the coldness of the month. However, this exact reason might make it the ideal time to go traveling and visiting countries with great, warm weather […]

A Complete Travel Guide for a Solo Traveller

Travelling Alone? Absolutely exciting!! Well, the sense of independence and flexibility in exploring the world can definitely be a rewarding experience to a solo Traveller. This provides you an opportunity to keep your sedentary lifestyle aside while relaxing quietly at [...]

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Traveler , Adventurer and Explorer ,born to a Jordanian Palestinian father, Lebanese mother in Kuwait, married to Swedish and raised by the world. I have visited more than 30 countries including, Norway,Sweden,Jordan, Oman, Lebanon,Turkey,Italy and Vietnam. For me,travel is the most fascinating way to fulfil your adrenaline egos and know your self more....
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I have visited more than 30 countries including: Norway, Sweden, Jordan, Oman, Lebanon, Turkey, Cambodia, Italy and Vietnam. And now I'm set to explore....Ummm...Wait!!! You will get to know soon! Just Follow me on Instagram @nanotraveldiary


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